Contact Whangarei  09 4389358

WHANGAREI (Head Office) 27 Kioreroa Road PO Box 1407 Whangarei

Phone: (09) 438 9358 Fax: (09) 430 0455

Business Hours: Mon-Thurs 7-30am to 5pm, Fri 7-30am to 4pm

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Sales & Admin: Paul Wickham: Pip Wood: Sharon (Shipping):


Ken Wickham (Owner)   Paul Wickham (Manager)

      Pip Wood       (General Manager)    Louise (Accounts Manager)

Catherine Sawyer (Accounts)   Roberta (Accounts)
Sharon (Shipping)    
Harley ( Sales)    Darren ( Sales/marketing )
 Marjorie (Logistics)   Peter (Orders & Dispatch)
Neil ( Sales)   Tony (Sales & Machine Processing)