Timber Weatherboard Cladding Systems

Western Red Cedar has been used in New Zealand as a preferred timber for cladding & construction, modern architecture has utilized our up to date weatherboard profiles to create some of the best designed homes throughout New Zealand.

Recommended by New Zealand building authorities, Architects, Specifiers and Designers. Western Red Cedar has an excellent track record that shows both functional excellence and aesthetic beauty. Western Red Cedar is ideally suited to New Zealand’s diverse coastal & rural architecture and has been highly integrated into the design specs of specifiers and builders.

Western Red Cedar has been supplied by BBS Timbers for over 30 years for use with Weatherboards & associated mouldings on Exterior Cladding & Construction. Western Red Cedar has excellent durability and dimensional stability used as Exterior Cladding, Mouldings Panelling, Fascia, Sarking, internal beams, Pegolas & Joinery.

Euro-Larch timber is recently new to New Zealand shores and is gaining popularity in its use as exterior cladding. Native to Russia, Siberian Larch is widely used throughout Europe and for centuries used as a robust softwood for building without the use of treatment. Ideal for Weatherboards ,framing and paneling.

Weatherboard Cladding Systems

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profiles_icon2.jpg            Profile Chart

             Bevel Back & Rebated Bevel Back – Cavity Wrap 2019

             Bevel Back & Rebated Bevel Back – Rigid Air Barrier 2019

             Board & Batten – Cavity Wrap 2019

             Board & Batten – Direct Fix 2019

            Rusticated & Splaycut – Cavity Wrap 2019

             Rusticated & Splaycut – Rigid Air Barrier 2019

            Vertical Shiplap – Cavity Wrap 2019 

             Vertical Shiplap – Rigid Air Barrier 2019

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BBS Timbers Western Red Cedar (Thuja Plicata) is a familiar tree found in the Pacific North-western Coastal regions of British Columbia, Canada. It is a fairly large tree, up to 60 metres tall when fully mature and 2.7 metres in diameter. Western Red Cedar is renowned for its naturally resistance to moisture, decay and insect attack. Western Red Cedar has the distinctive, natural performance characteristics and exceptional splendor that bring warmth, character and durability to residential and Commercial Buildings across the globe.

Western Red Cedar is the ultimate natural Green building material. Publicly managed forests of British Columbia, Canada provide a responsibly and sustainably harvested resource.

All suppliers are in the process or have attained certification with one or more independent third party certification systems (PEFC, CSA, SFI or FSC)