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The factory coated staining of Cedar (Western Red) weatherboards and other profiles, allows for faster installation eliminating the problem of it being applied on site. In most cases, the building sites do not have the space to coat or dry the finished profiles, nor is the environment ‘dust’ or ‘dirt’ free.

BBS Timbers profiles are professionally coated at our BBS factory, dried, packaged and delivered to site, ready to use.

We recommend using Dryden WoodOil. Visit www.woodoil.co.nz  for more information.

Dryden WoodOil has been specifically designed for timber cladding, shingles, fencing, decks, outdoor furniture and many other timber products. It is a penetrating oil that has repelling properties which prevents the absorption of water as well as reducing the effect of moss, mould and decay. These properties also assist in reducing cupping, warping, twisting and splitting of the timber.

The advantages to having your Cedar factory coated, is reflected, where it matters, on the customers bottom line.

Spraying WoodOil  

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Dryden WoodOil


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Dark stained Cedar Bevelback

Bevelback Cedar