The name BBS came out of Ken’s previous business, Bream Bay Seafood which operated for four years.

On one of Ken’s regular fishing industry trips to Japan he was asked to source good Burmese Teak and as a result of this exploration he decided to return to the Timber Trade in which he was experienced. Initially he imported Teak from what was then Burma, now Myanmar and Plywood and Kauri from the Philippines. As the business progressed he started importing Cedar from Canada which has grown to be an important part of the business.

Ken purchased other Timber Business’s and integrated them into the BBS operation. The head plant operates from a Whangarei site and additional land has been added to this site over the years and is now ten acres with large storage facilities which has enabled the business to hold good stocks of timber and plywood.

An Auckland branch was opened in the late 1980’s and a further branch in Christchurch added in the mid 1990’s

The business has grown over the years and employs four family members and in 2017 we appointed a General Manager and are very proud of the structure we now operate, with a well trained loyal staff of forty people whom have been with us long term.

All BBS timbers are sourced from sustainably managed forests including internationally grown product. The global certification of managed forests is FSC® & PEFC™ which provides and monitors a chain of custody leading directly to the growing source.