Deck OilStain

Exterior wood oil for Decking, Hardwood & Outdoor Furniture.

Dryden OilStain is a penetrating oil that enhances most exterior timber species. It is water resistant to help minimize warping, cupping, and splitting which occur from water getting into the timber. A variety of colour tones can be selected.

Deck OilStain is applied at our BBS coating factory before dispatch or by the customer at their site.
Deck OilStain-Data-Sheet

Wax End Sealer

Wax End Seal is a wax emulsion for sealing the cut ends of timber posts, beams, etc and is an effective and easy to use preventative reducing checking in sawn timbers, It can go on green, dry or Dryden WoodOil coated timbers.
Used in architectural builds where exposed ends on beams, cladding or screens made of Cedar, etc need ultimate protection for low maintenance and timber stability.


TimberClean is an effective product to remove stains and cosmetic marks where it is desired to lighten or remove such marks and brighten dull timber.
It can be applied to timbers including new, restored, oiled and some stained or polyurethaned timbers when cosmetic marks contaminate visual aesthetics such as oxidants, watermarks and black spot deposits caused by exhaust smut, metal filings, caustic splash (aggregate drive wash), mould spots and environmental grime, etc.