Timber Species

Comprehensive range of NZ native and exotic timbers

When you’re looking for high quality solid wood that’s hardwearing and looks great, we’re your specialists in NZ native and exotic timbers.

From structural timbers to mouldings, hardwood floors to boat decking, we supply a comprehensive range of hardwood or softwood timber species chosen for their ability to perform well in NZ’s climate. We source all our timber from sustainably managed forests, inspecting all timber at place of production and again upon arrival at our yards.

With over 30 species in stock choose the timber that suits your project. Quality is important to us, so we supply a comprehensive range of NZ natives such as Kauri, Rimu and Matai, and all the popular exotic species such as American Black Walnut, Cherry, American White Oak & American Hard Maple.



  • Akwa

  • American Black Walnut

  • American Cherry

  • American Hard Maple

  • American White Ash

  • White Oak image

    American White Oak

  • English tawa image


  • Burmese Teak (FEQ)

  • Eucalyptus Saligna

  • European Beech image

    European Beech

  • European Chestnut

  • European French Oak

  • Garapa Timber image


  • Greenheart Timber image


  • Ipe Decking

    Ipe ( Brazilian Walnut )

  • Iroko

  • Jarrah

  • Jatoba

  • Kwila

  • Purpleheart timber


  • Rosewood Timber image

    Rosewood (PNG)

  • Sapele Mahogany

  • Spotted Gum

    Spotted Gum

  • Tasmanian Blackwood image

    Tasmanian Blackwood

  • Tonka timber image


  • Victorian Ash image

    Victorian Ash

  • Vitex

  • Wallaba timber image


  • Wenge

  • Zebrano timber image



  • Alaskan Yellow Cedar image

    Alaskan Yellow Cedar

  • Baltic Spruce timber image

    Baltic Spruce

  • Kahikatea timber image


  • Macrocarpa BBS timber image


  • BBS Malaysian Kauri

    Malaysian Kauri

  • NZ Matai image BBS

    NZ Matai

  • Oregon BBS timber

    Oregon Pine

  • NZ Radiata Pine image

    Pine Radiata

  • NZ Rimu timber image

    Rimu NZ

  • Western Hemlock

  • Western Red Cedar image

    Western Red Cedar


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