Purpleheart Decking

Purpleheart decking is well known for its beautiful heartwood. When machined it turns from a pale brown to a vibrant purple – often a surprise to people who first witness this specie. Exposure to the elements turns it into a rich brown, eventually turning silver-grey in appearance. Purpleheart is an incredible hardwood. It is a very dense, durable and hard-wearing timber and it has become one of BBS timbers most popular exterior timbers, covering a range of products for external applications such as decking, Pegolas, cross arms, Bridges, poles, beams and landscaping.

Our Purpleheart is sustainably sourced from sustainably managed forests

We supply Purpleheart in our popular range of Camber decking profile, which allows water runoff and minimizes natural cupping of wider boards.

Sizes available – 90×21, 140×19  Camber Deck  140×21 , 140×32, 140×42 Board Walk Decking