Dedicated to sustainably managed forests

At BBS Timbers, we’re passionate about the environment and are dedicated to working towards a timber industry that functions on environmentally and socially sound practices. To this end, we operate under a responsible purchasing policy where we source timber from sustainably managed forests only.

As our customer, you can be assured that any timber you purchase from us is sourced from a responsibly managed forest.

Fostering positive partnerships

BBS Timbers is a member of numerous associations – Real Cedar and NZTIA (NZ Timber Importers Association) who have implemented a Rainforest Policy which focuses on promoting and supporting efficient and sustainable forest management.

To ensure we consistently source timber from responsibly managed forests we work alongside organisations such as ITTG (Imported Tropical Timber Group) MPI and Greenpeace. We communicate regularly with these organisations to keep knowledge of our timber sources current and fully compliant with our commitment to protecting the environment.

Focus on sustainable NZ forests

We’re also dedicated to protecting New Zealand’s forests and environment, working with responsibly managed Radiata Pine and Macrocarpa forests here in NZ. We’ve planted our own forests over the last 20 years which operate under strict controls to ensure best practice.

For any questions about sustainable forest management or about any of our products or services, contact us today.

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