Brownwood Plywood

Brownwood Plywood is manufactured from South East Asia.  Often referred to as ‘Container Ply’ . An economic product reflecting high recovery utilisation of resource. The peeling veneer yields high wood use to produce a high strength heavy weight stable flat panel. Finishing can require high surface grain fill levels but resin absorption is low.  Machines, glues and works with tungsten tip cutters to minimise fibrous end grain.


  •  This plywood is made from rotary peeled Keruing Hardwood
  •  The glue type Phenolic Formaldehyde WBP
  •  Pale brown colour
  •  Durable and hard wearing
  •  B/BB grade – B face veneer


  •  Heavier plywood than Meranti ply
  •  Resistant in covered exteriors
  •  Surface resistance
  •  Dimensional stability
  •  Durable timber veneer

Applications / Uses

  •  Heavy truck decks
  •  Furniture & cabinetry.
  •  Caravan and motor-home construction.
  •  Interior wall cladding.
  •  Letter boxes
  •  Window reveals
  •  Shop fitting & stage sets

Size and Thickness

 Sheet size                                                                                                                    2440  x 1220 
 Thickness 9mm 12mm 18mm
 #  Layers 5 7 9
Standard sheet ( Kg )
19 25 35