Responsible Purchasing Policy

BBS Timbers Ltd is a New Zealand family owned & operated business and has full control over the importing of the timbers we sell.

We are focused on ensuring that the timbers we sell from both local and overseas forests are harvested from sustainable resources.

BBS Timbers are a member of the New Zealand Timber Importers Association (NZTIA). NZTIA have implemented a Rainforest Policy to support the efficient and practical progress towards environmentally and socially sound forestry management. A full copy of this policy can be found on the NZTIA website

We work alongside ITTG (Imported Tropical Timbers Group), MPI & Greenpeace continuing to source timbers from sustainable forests.

BBS Timbers want no part of the destruction of the world’s forests, eco and social systems through deforestation so we make a strong commitment that our timbers are sourced from sustainably managed forests.

We are continually sourcing from suppliers that have FSC, PEFC and VLO certifications.

Environment Ceritified schemes

The background of PEFC 2019



“If you take a tree, I believe you plant two trees” says Ken Wickham.

We are also highly conscious of the protection of New Zealand forests and have planted our own forests over the last 20 years which will provide a supply of responsibly managed Radiata Pine and Macrocarpa on a sustainable basis for the future.