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Durability: Low Durability
Colour: Medium
Sizes available: Not Available

Trade Name:  Taun
Botanical Species:  Pometia pinnata
Other Names:   Akwa, Malugay
Country of Origin:  Solomon Islands
Air Dry Density:  705kgs/m3
Durability:  Low Durability
Strength:  SD4
Surface checking of backsawn material may occur. Some twist may occur, but can be reduced by final steaming treatments although this may accentuate checking.Characteristics:

  • The sapwood is approximately 2 inches wide, a pale brown colour with an orange tinge.
  • The heartwood is moderately hard and heavy, usually pinkish in colour, occasionally red and streaky, but turning brown with age.
  • It is lustrous but lacks a distinct figure and the texture is intermediate and uneven.
  • The grain is normally straight and fissile, or slightly interlocked, but severe spiral grain can occur.
  • In hardness the timber is comparable with European Oak.

Working Qualities:

  • Not usually difficult to saw or machine.
  • Some radial surfaces may be slightly roughened by interlocked grain.
  • There is no difficulty in gluing, nailing, varnishing or painting seasoned timber, but for a good painted finish a filler is desirable.


  • Furniture making and musical instruments.
  • Product Attributes:
  • Product Limitations:
  • Sapwood subject to Lyctus attack.