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Durability: Non-Durability
Colour: Medium
Sizes available: 25, 40, 50 mm

Trade Name:  Anegre
Botanical Species:  Aningeria spp.
Other Names:   English Tawa, African Birch
Country of Origin:  Ivory Coast
Air Dry Density:  550kgs/m³
Durability:  Non-durable
Strength:   6+ (on a scale from 1 – 10)


Dries easily and well, both in the open and in the kiln, apart from the tendency to blue stain in the early stages of drying.


  • Similar to European Birch.
  • No clear distinction between heartwood sapwood.
  • Colour varies from whitish to a pale shade of brown, often with a pinkish tinge.
  • Fairly plain in appearance although quarter-sawn surfaces sometimes show a growth-ring figure, and where wavy grain is present there is sometimes a mottle figure.
  • The grain varies from straight to wavy, and the texture from medium to coarse.

Working Qualities:

  • Ease of working is dependent on the amount of silica present and can vary from easy to hard.
  • Moderate to severe abrasive action on tools and cutters can be anticipated.
  • Tungsten tipped tools are to be recommended in cross-cutting and boring.
  • Adequate support is needed to prevent chipping out and care is needed planning in order to obtain a smooth finish.
  • It takes and holds nails and screws well, and can be glued, stained and polished.


  • General utility timber for interior joinery and finishing.
  • Produces good veneer.

Product Attributes:

  • Colour varies from whitish to a pale shade of brown, often with a pinkish tinge.
  • Available in square sections.
  • Wide boards available.
  • Glues, stains and polishes well.
  • Fairly plain in appearance.
  • Veneers available.

Product Limitations:

  • Presence of silica can be very hard on tool.
  • Fixed widths not available.
  • Care needed when planning, cross-cutting and drilling to prevent chipping out.
  • Colour variations do occur.