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Durability: Durable
Colour: Dark
Sizes available: 25mm

Trade Name:  Jatoba
Botanical Species: Hymenaea courbaril
Other Names:  Locust, Courbaril
Country of Origin: Central and South America, West Indies
Air Dry Density: 910kgs/m³
Durability: Durable
Strength:  SD2


Rather difficult to dry, tends to be rapid with moderate surface checking and warping and a liability to case harden.
Slow drying will overcome these tendencies.
There is small movement in service.
The heartwood is salmon red to orange brown, marked with dark brown and russet brown streaks.
The wood has a golden lustre.
The grain is commonly interlocked with a medium to coarse texture.
Working Qualities: 
Moderately difficult to work because of its high density.
It nails badly but has good screw holding, glues well.
It has a moderate blunting effect on tools which must be kept sharp, and a reduced cutting angle of 20° will provide a smooth finish on the interlocked grain.
The wood stains well but does not take a high polish.
Furniture, cabinet making, joinery and turnery.
Its high shock resistance makes it ideal for tool handles and sports goods, excellent for flooring, stair treads, ship planking, gear cogs, wheel rims, looms, general building construction.
Used for steam bent boat parts in place of oak.
Lock gates in waters free from marine borers.
Second growth timber has a wide sapwood of a grayish-pink colour which is sliced for decorative veneers for panelling and furniture.
Product Attributes:
Very strong, hard and tough.
Very good bending classification.
Very resistant to termites.
Veneers available.
Product Limitations:
Nails badly.
Does not take a high polish.