Rosewood (PNG)

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Durability: Durable
Colour: Dark
Sizes available: 25,40 & 50 mm

Trade Name: Rosewood
Botanical Species: Ptercarpus indicus
Other Names: 
Country of Origin: Solomon Islands
Air Dry Density: 565kgs/m³
Durability: Durable
Strength:  SD4


It is a very stable timber and seasons well with little or no degrade, but care should be taken (as with all island species) not to dry the timber too fast, when distortion and checking can occur.
Variable, but generally a red brown to blood red colour. Sapwood is white to pale yellow.
Grain is interlocked and sometimes wavy, with a moderately coarse and uneven texture.
Quarter sawn material has distinct ribbon figure while the back sawn boards produce a flame-like figure.
The timber is naturally lustrous.
Although a handsome timber, it has neither the density nor the depth of colour of the Rosewood found in South America or India.
Working Qualities: 
The timber is readily converted and works well with both machine and hand tools.
It is capable of taking a very high polish.
Furniture, veneer, cabinet work, rifle butts, panelling, musical instruments and knife handles.
Product Attributes:
Veneers available.
Product Limitations:
Large variations in colour.