Eucalyptus Saligna

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Durability: Moderately Durable
Colour: Medium
Sizes available: 25, 50 mm

Trade Name: Saligna
Botanical Species: Eucalyptus saligna
Other Names:  Sydney Blue Gum
Country of Origin: Australia, New Zealand
Air Dry Density: 920kgs/m³
Durability: Moderately Durable
Strength:  SD3


Difficult to dry as prone to surface checking.
The colour ranges from light to dark pink.
The grain is usually interlocked, occasionally straight.
The texture is coarse.
To facilitate drying the timber is always quarter sawn.
Working Qualities: 
The timber works fairly well but it is rather difficult to obtain a smooth surface unless the cutting angle is reduced to 20°.
It nails and screws fairly well.
Stains and polishes reasonably well.
Joinery and construction.
Product Attributes:
Light pink to dark pink.
Good lengths available.
Veneers available.
Machines reasonably well with care.
Takes stains and polishes well.
Fixed widths.
Product Limitations:
Variable in colour.
Grain usually interlocked with a coarse texture.