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Durability: Very Durable
Colour: Medium
Sizes available: 50mm, 100- 300 mm wide

Trade Name: Tonka
Botanical Species: Dipteryx odorata
Other Names:  Cumaru, Shihuahuaco
Country of Origin: South America
Air Dry Density: 1085 kg/m3
Durability: Very Durable
Strength:  S1


Heartwood tends to be a medium to dark brown, sometimes with a reddish or purplish hue; some pieces may have streaks of yellowish or greenish brown .Lustre is low to medium. Grain is interlocked, with a medium texture and a waxy feel.

Rot Resistance: 
Cumaru has excellent durability and weathering properties. The wood is rated as very durable regarding decay resistance, though it may be susceptible to some insect attacks.

Working Qualities:
Tends to be difficult to work on account of its density and interlocked grain. If the grain is not too interlocked, Cumaru can be surface-planed to a smooth finish. However, the wood contains silica and will have a moderate blunting effect on tool cutters. Due to its high oil content and density, Cumaru can present difficulties in gluing, and pre-boring is necessary when screwing or nailing the wood.


Flooring, heavy construction, docks, railroad ties, bearings, handles, and other turned objects.

Product Attributes:

  • Very strong, hard and tough.
  • Shock resistant is high