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Durability: Very Durable
Colour: Reddish Brown
Sizes available: Decking 140x25, 75 mm RS

Trade Name: Wallaba
Botanical Species: Eperua falcata
Other Names:  Apa, Copaibarana, Ituri Wallaba, Bioudou, Bijhout,Uapa,Apazeiro, Espadeira, Wapa, Walapa, Palo Machete
Country of Origin: The Guianas
Air Dry Density: 928kgs/m³ when air-dry
Durability: Heartwood is reported to be very durable, resistant to subterranean termites, and fairly resistant to dry-wood termites.
Strength:  SD2


Dries very slowly.
Heartwood – dull reddish brown with darker markings due to resin.
Working Qualities: 
Though the wood has a high density, it is easy to work with hand and machine tools; however, high gum exudation clogs saw teeth and cutters. Once kiln dried, gum exudates are not a serious problem in machining; glues and polishes well.
Remarkably well suited for use as transmission poles, flagpoles, and posts. Its good strength and durability qualify the timber for railway ties, shoring, bridge timbers, and mine timbers. In building construction it is used for foundations, sills, joists, framing, roofing, siding, and veranda posts. It is also used for vat staves, shingles, and paling. The high resin content of the wood makes it an excellent flooring material in chemical factories, mills, and warehouses.