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Durability: Durable
Colour: Medium
Sizes available: Not Available

Trade Name: Zebrano
Botanical Species: Brachystegia fleuryana
Other Names:  Zebra wood
Country of Origin: Gabon and Cameroons
Air Dry Density: 820kgs/m³
Durability:  Durable
Strength:  SD4
Dries slowly with a tendency to surface check.
The heartwood is golden brown, with narrow-veining or streaks of dark brown to almost black, giving a zebra stripe appearance.
It is fairly hard with good toughness and impact properties.
Working Qualities: 
Easily worked although interlocked grain can cause some planning problems.
Glues, sands, stains and polishes well.
Cabinet-making, boat building and interior decoration.
Product Attributes:
Distinctive unique grain.
Easily worked with care.
Takes stains and polishes well.
Golden, yellow-brown with narrow streaks of dark black / brown.
Veneers available.
Product Limitations:
Interlocked grain can cause problems.
Variable in supply.
Very opened grained.
Needs clear filling.
No fixed widths.