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Hardwood Decking – Kwila, Purpleheart, Wallaba, Garapa & Ipe

BBS Timbers stock a premium range of hardwood decking from renewable natural resources which enhance residential and commercial environments and are very suitable to New Zealand conditions.

We have been working with our overseas suppliers to prove legality and sustainability through 3rd party certification with Kwila , Purpleheart  & Garapa being (VLO) & FSC certified.

Decking options are Kwila, Purpleheart Garapa, Wallaba and Ipe, all of which can add warmth and beauty to your landscape. Our new Camber Decking profile in Purpleheart helps minimize water pooling on the surface of the deck.

We now have available end grain sealer for decking AnchorSeal  Click here for details.

Our experienced staff can help you to choose a suitable option for your project.


Purpleheart deck

Purpleheart Decking

Garapa Decking





Species Durability Movement in Service Bleeding Profile Size



Length Specification
Kwila (VLO & FSC) High Low High




1.8 – 5.7m
Purpleheart (VLO & FSC ) Very High Low Low

90×19,140×21, 140×28,140×45



1.8 – 6.0m
Garapa (VLO & FSC ) (Kiln dried) High Low – Medium Low


1.8 – 5.4m



(Ave 3.3 m)

Wallaba Very High Low – Medium Low


1.8 – 4.8m
Ipe Very High Low – Medium Low


2.1 – 5.7m


Hardwood Decking Profiles


Camber Decking


For Information regarding slip resistance of walking surfaces advised by The Department of Building and Housing refer to their website:  www.dbh.govt.nz/codewords-19-article-1


BBS Timbers Hardwood Decking is manufactured with care and inspected to ensure quality. However, it is a natural wood product and subject to variations in weight, density, colour, grain and performance. Care must be taken at installation and maintenance to allow for movement as some swelling, shrinkage, movement and checking are normal occurrences in hardwood decking. With the harsh NZ UV rays it is almost impossible to keep your decking from silvering off over time.