Baltic Spruce

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Durability: Non-Durable
Colour: Light
Sizes available: 50 mm

Trade Name:  Baltic Spruce
Botanical Species:  Picea abies (or, excelsa)
Other Names:  The common name in Australia & New Zealand is Baltic Pine although elsewhere it is normally called Norway Spruce or Whitewood of the country of origin i.e. Swedish Whitewood.
Color Heartwood colour is white to pale yellow with the sapwood indistinguishable.
Air Dry Density:  450kgs/m³ (average)
Durability:  Non-durable
Texture:   Fine texture
Unlike other similar European timbers the growth rings are not very prominent and the wood is more lustrous. Although the small tight knots are common the timber is usually straight grained.
In most areas the tree grows to an average of 36 metres high with diameters about 750mm, however in the Carpathian Mountains of central Europe they grow up to 60 metres and almost 2 metres in diameter.
Flooring, framing, panelling & cabinetry work.
Additional Info:
The timber is easily worked with hand or machine tools and when planed comes to a very smooth clean finish however the presence of very small tight knots may cause some difficulties. It takes nails and screws, and glues well and is a very good base for all coatings including stains, paints and varnish. The sapwood however is susceptible to Anobium borer and should be regularly inspected.