Malaysian Kauri

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Durability: Moderately Durable
Colour: Light
Sizes available: 25, 40, 50 mm

Trade Name: Kauri – Malaysian
Botanical Species: Agathis borneensis
Other Names: 
Country of Origin:  Malaysia
Air Dry Density: 540kgs/m³
Durability: Moderately Durable
Strength:  6+ (on a scale of 1 – 10)


Malaysian Kauri presents no special problems in drying and can be kiln dried from the green in 25, 40 and 50mm.
Heavier sizes can be air dried to prevent surface checking.
The timber has high degree of stability and is subject to medium shrinkage.
Heartwood is pale cream to golden brown in colour, the sapwood is straw to pale brown, texture is fine and the grain is mainly straight.
It is non-tainting.
Working Qualities: 
It is an excellent timber for sawing and machining.
It planes and sands well with only slight chipping in regions of reverse grain.
It screws and glues well and stains and polishes well.
Turning properties are excellent.
It can be drilled cleanly.
Kauri has a traditionally world-wide reputation in boat building, i.e. planks, masts, spars, and oars, because of its excellent working properties and high degree of stability it is used for exterior / interior joinery, furniture, weatherboards, panelling, sarking, mouldings, picture framing and turnery.
Product Attributes:
Pale cream to golden brown timber.
Takes stain and polish well.
Veneers available in Fijian Kauri.
Fixed widths available.
Good stability.
Fine texture with mainly straight grain.
Easily machined or turned.
Product Limitations:
Can be easily bruised.