Pine Radiata

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Durability: Non-durable
Colour: Light
Sizes available: 25, 40, 50, 75, 100 mm

Trade Name: Radiata Pine
Botanical Species: Pinus radiata
Other Names:  Monterey Pine
Country of Origin: North America
Air Dry Density: 500kgs/m³
Durability: Non-durable
Strength:  6 (on a scale of 1 – 10)


Dries well with little degrade.
The timber is low in density and fairly soft, often with very wide annual growth rings.
The heartwood is light brown to yellow, the sapwood white to pale yellow, but often indistinct.
The grain is usually straight, but knots are common.
Working Qualities: 
Radiata Pine is very easily worked with standard tools, although its knotty character and resin canals can cause premature blunting cutters.
Its open grain structure readily accepts preservative treatment, which can provide protection to the highest level.
Suitable for furniture and cabinets, joinery, paneling, construction mouldings and decking.
When used outside tanalised timber should be used.
Selected logs are sliced for attractive decorative veneers for paneling.
Product Attributes:
Veneers available.
Product Limitations: