Rimu NZ

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Durability: Moderately Durable
Colour: Medium
Sizes available: 25, 50 mm

Trade Name:  Rimu
Botanical Species: Dacrydium cupressinum
Other Names:  Red Pine
Country of Origin: New Zealand
Air Dry Density: 560kgs/m³
Durability: Moderately Durable
Strength:   SD7


Rimu is a medium density softwood with a fine textured grain, the heart wood is reddish brown.
The middle zone known as coloured Rimu has a light brown colour and the sap wood a Pale lighter brown tone.
Working Qualities: 
The timber works easily and well with both hand and machine tools. it glues and finishes smoothly to a surface ideal for painting, varnishing or polishing.
T & Gflooring, joinery, kitchens,  furniture,  mouldings, cabinetmaking
Product Attributes:
The Heartwood has a beautiful lustre when oiled.
Veneers available.
Product Limitations:
Tendency to be brittle with age.