Western Hemlock

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Durability: Non durable
Colour: Medium Brown
Sizes available: 100x50, 200x50

Trade Name: Western Hemlock
Botanical Species: tsuga heterophylla
Other Names:  Alaskan Pine
Country of Origin: Canada – North America
Air Dry Density: 495kg/m3
Durability: Non Durable
Strength:  SD6


Dries fairly easily , Stable in service when vertical grain.

Heart wood is straw colour to medium brown

Working Qualities:
The timber is easily worked with both machine and hand tools & finishes excellently.
It can be glued, stained, polished and varnishes well.

High class interior joinery, boat building, T&G Paneling, Blinds & louvers, Display screens,  Mouldings, cabinet work.

Product Attributes:
Pale colour.
Straight grain.
Machines well.
Fixed widths Available

Product Limitations:

Available in 50mm thickness only.