Birch Plywood

BBS Timbers Birch Ply is one of the best interior plywood panels on the market. The high quality, grain and stability characteristics of Birch Plywood create an aesthetic appearance to any project.

This product is easy to handle and adds to a wide range of applications in the joinery and furniture industry. The face veneer is generally of a high quality and suitable for painting, staining or lacquering. The B face grade allows for minor repairs, visible are occasional minor filled splits. The BB grade back allows for slightly larger inter-grown knots and repairs. It is also a great substrate for overlaying with either a HPL or natural wood veneer giving a feature to the multi-ply edge detail.


    • Creamy white, fine texture & lustrous finish
    • This plywood is made from 100% Russian Birch
    • E1 Formaldehyde
    • B/BB Face , WBP Exterior Grade
    • Weight 652 kg/m3


    • Exceptional durability & wear resistance
    • High surface hardness
    • Multi layup edge detail
    • High water resistance
    • Easy to work
    • No harmful emissions

Applications / Uses

    • The specifications have been designed to use in the marine industry for interior cabinetry
    • Toys, Furniture & cabinetry
    • Premium Caravan and motor-home interiors
    • Interior ceiling & wall cladding
    • Kitchens and shop fit outs

Size and Thickness

 Sheet size                                1525 x  1525                                               2440  x 1220
 Thickness 2.5mm 6mm 9mm 12mm 15mm 18mm 24mm 30mm
 #  Layers 3 5 7 9 11 13 17 21
 Weight per sheet ( Kg ) 7 11.6 17.5 23 26 35 48 59