Bendy Plywood

Bendy Ply is one of the best flexible plywood panels on the world market. The high performance, flexible characteristics of BBS Bending Plywood give shape to almost any curved contour. The plywood flexes easily at a minimum radius of 200mm & even smaller radii when additional force is applied. Flexible plywood is manufactured to a very high standard & supplied from a world leading quality plywood manufacturer based in Europe. Bendable panels are manufactured from minimum two skins of Fromager exotic wood and a thin and flexible central core.
Bendy Premium Ply is PEFC certified (PEFC/14-35-00003) This ensures consumers that the origin is made of sustainable products.


      •  This plywood is made from 100% Fromager
      •  The glue type is – Class 1 ( EN 314-2 )
      •  The emission = E1 as per EN 717-2
      •  B/BB Grade interior
      •  Weight 400 kg/m3
      •  Long & short grain
      •  Light weight
      •  Smooth surface face
      •  Very flexible
      •  Easy to machine

Applications / Uses

      •   The specifications have been designed to use in the marine industry for    lightweight cabinetry.
      •   Furniture & cabinetry.
      •   Caravan and motor-home construction.
      •   Interior curved wall cladding.
      •   Internal columns
      •   Curved counters

Size and Thickness

 Sheet size                                                                                                                                          2440  x 1220
 Thickness 5mm 9mm
 #  Layers 3 3
 Weight per sheet ( Kg ) 5 9.5